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Drakensberg Horse Trails

Drakensberg horse trailExperience the Drakensberg on horseback. Our horse trails in the Central Drakensberg allow you to enjoy the unspoilt scenery of the foothills of the Drakensberg Mountains. We are situated in the Central Drakensberg near to Giants Castle with stunning views of the Drakensberg Mountains

The Central Drakensberg is an excellent choice of venue and is without a doubt an experience that will stand out on your trip through South Africa. We are a small horse trail opperation taking at most 4 guests at a time but mostly its just 2 persons. Out horse trails are customised to suit you and your riding skill. And we have several horse trail options to choose from.The farm is big and there are lots of horse trail options. Mostly though we find that a 1 hour horse trail is pretty much exactly what a beginer rider needs. Its not too much to cause aches and pains while at the same time you dont feel like you have been short changed. For more advanced riders there are longer rides or they can be shortened too.

Drakensberg horse trailAll our horse trails are lead by a trained horse trail guide who knows the horses well and will keep you in a safe environment. Beginner groups will enjoy the views at a slower pace.

Our horse trails are about safety. and thats why none is allowed to ride without safety equipment. We have riding hats and all the tack is in good condition and is of high quality.


  • Telephone: 036 / 3523143
  • Email: info@antbear.co.za
  • Web:www.sengani-horse-trails.com
  • Accommodation see: www.antbear.co.za
  • GPS Location (see map)

  • Latitude: 29° 8' 34.02" S
  • Longitude: 29° 49' 0.18" E
  • Drakensberg horse trailBetween Estcourt and Mooi River towards Giants Castle in the Central Drakensberg.





    Contact Details

    Email: info@antbear.co.za
    Tel: 036 3523143
    Fax: 036 3523143


    Why choose this Drakensberg horse trail?

    1. The views of the Drakensberg foothills are superb.

    2. Value for money. Horse trails are very affordable.

    3. An intimate and personal experience. We are friendly and welcoming.

    4. Safety is an issue and we place a high level of emphasis on safety.

    5. A perfect base from which to experience everything else that the Drakensberg has in store for you.

    6. And the Antbear Guest House is an ideal accommodation base to explore the Drakensberg Mountains